Still worth seeing despite mass tourism!

Dear visitor!

Even if you find Santorini in all media and everyone wants to go there, there are still times and places where you can enjoy the island without crowds.

On hikes you can discover the beautiful nature, see the impressive caldera and discover rare minerals, animals and plants.

If you deviate from the "normal" routes a bit, you can also get to know the hospitable inhabitants of the island.

Of course, a lot has changed. And if you have known the island for more than 20 years, your heart often bleeds when you see, e.g. much is being built up or entire places are just like a luxury hotel.

There is a lot that is right to criticize, because this island has a turnover of around 2-3 billion euros a year and you should expect that the infrastructure is appropriate to the number of visitors.

But I don't just want to show the downsides of the island here, but also encourage people to explore the island properly.

And, if you don't want to visit such a well-known destination, I recommend the opposite, namely the less well-known destinations, such as Methanaor Nisyros!

Best regards
Tobias Schorr

Video "landing on Santorin"
Discover the myths of Santorini!

Has Santorini been the mythical Atlantis?
Nobody can surely proof it yet. But on the hiking tours with Tobias Schorr you will learn a lot about the evidences about the prehistoric volcano disaster that may have destroyed "Atlantis". Of course you will discover also the nature, archaeology and meet the hospital people of Santorini and their traditions.In small groups you will be hiking to the hidden treasures of the island and Tobias Schorr will provide the recent geological information about the volcanoes. If you are lucky, he will even discover rare minerals and in spring time orchids.