A tip for fresh, Greek specialties!

The tavern Anemomilos ("Windmill") is like a " secret tip" for those who want to enjoy good traditional food in Ia village. The tavern Anemomilos of the Kokkalis family is a popular place in Ia for enjoying affordable, Greek food. Everything is freshly cooked every day. You will enjoy the famous Santorini farmer´s salad with capers and local tomatos, get fish or lamb baked in paper. At the evening you can sit comfortable in front of the tavern at the little tavern´s square and if it is windy or too cool you may stay inside the tavern with plenty of sapce. If you tell Spyros Kokkalis in time, they will prepare even your special requests. The Anemomilos tavern is ideal for your family or for hiking groups. You will not find the kind of boring "all inclusive buffet" you are used from hotelsm, but real local specialities! Also the tavern is connected with the hotel Anemomilos hotel & studios, where you can find nice rooms for your holidays.

Everything is good and prepared with love! The original Greek hospitality!


Link to the tavern